Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Legend of the Spider Skull... Part II

The city of spiders - in front of me at last! It looked almost dissolved in surrounding darkness. The spiders do not like the noise, they are used to wait for their prey in eternal silence. So I must be quiet and swift too, if I want to reach my final destination – the Spider Skull palace, proudly situated in the heart of the city. Then, if I am lucky enough to defeat all three Guardian spiders, the legendary artifact of Spider Skull could be within the grasp of my hand! I am just curious, if the legends are true and the power of artifact is worth risking one’s life?...
I have found the narrow passage, which looked less suspicious than others, and moved on to the center of the city. There were myriads of spiders, different sizes and shapes, hiding in their webs high above me. From time to time I have passed by some cocoons, hanged down from spider webs and… human skeletons inside of them. Finally, I have approached the palace! Three enormous spiders have been carved into the wall around the entrance. Now or never, here it goes. I have felt the presence of the Guardians, they are really close now. The first spider seemed like just waking up from the long long sleep. It was clearly unalarmed about my existence and very slow, so I cut it’s head off really quickly. I could not believe in my luck, but there were still two to go. The second Guardian already knew about my existence after the first one was killed. I had to use all my spider – hunting skills to manage this one – the spider was really agile and strong, but too old to chase me for a long time. Soon I have felt the Guardian is becoming tired, it’s movement slowed down and I went on my last attack from behind. The second Guardian fell.
Soon after it’s death I heard strange sounds in my head – the last Guardian spider was screaming in revenge for it’s friends death, bursting painful mental waves all around. It started to talk with me in my head, trying to hypnotize and lead me to my own death. But I was too well prepared for this occasion. I had managed to block spider’s mental magic waves and it was the only one opportunity to kill it. The third Guardian spider was really huge. It seemed I have never seen another creature as big as this one before. It is time for you to die, monster! I have taken out my secret weapon – a bow and shining arrow, aimed it into the heart of the spider and… was all over. I have spotted bright blue light, spreading from beneath the body of the Guardian. It was the artifact! At last! With the power of the Spider Skull, the humanity will rise again! 
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Monday, March 26, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Legend of the Spider Skull... Part I

The Legend of the Spider Skull... Part I

Long time ago, in early dark ages, when human kind was enslaved by stronger predator species – gigantic spiders, the legend of the Spider Skull arose. The artifact of the Spider Skull was the ultimate weapon against bloodthirsty spider race and the only hope for the humanity to arise once more. The legend told, that once the humans were a superior race, and spiders were just small bugs doing no harm to people. But once, a great magician, researching some magical or alchemical universes, made a mistake in his calculations, and three really tiny spiders, that the magician was experimenting with, started to grow really fast. In a matter of minutes they became bigger than a standing man. The great magician went mad, when he saw what have he done. Although, his act of magic was undoable, the magician decided to give all his power away before his death, to create the artifact of the Spider Skull, where the skull was his own.
The artifact could instantly kill surrounding spiders with an enormous power of two blue lights, spreading from the eyeholes. It looked like the old mighty wizard is killing the spiders he has created with his own eyesight. According to the manuscript of the legend, only those three prime spiders, that started the spider race dominance over the humans, can survive destructive force of the Spider Skull. So the artifact was hidden away  from the humans, and guarded by same three giant spiders.* 

 * Original story and design by Teaseage Clothing. Come back for the second part of the story soon

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Escape from Japan... Part II

Then, the rumours of a brave ninja girl, riding the horse, made of shining metal and gold, had spread across the villages. The ninja girl appeared from nowhere when she was most needed. She saved hundreds of innocent civilian lifes, killing brutal Emperor‘s soldiers, when the opposition was least expected. One day the news have reached the higher ranks of Emperor‘s army – the generous bounty was announced for the capture of this insolent ninja. Suddenly, the ninja had vanished. The glorious time of the heroine had ended... Some villagers reported they had seen the ninja riding her horse high above the land. Others were telling they have spotted the heroine leaving the country, riding just above the waters of the ocean, towards China. No one knew will she ever come back, but the hope was not lost among the ones who suffer, and the legend survived till nowadays.   

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Escape from Japan... Part I

The country has fell in chaos and bloodshed. Emperor‘s army, scattered in smaller waves, was the ruller of this anarchy in Japan. It was too dangerous to step outside one‘s house, talk too loud on the streets nor speak to any strangers, passing by. Life in Japan was like a small toy in the iron hand of War. If you were not a soldier, capable of defending yourself, there was a higher chance you will be dead sooner or later. Samurai was killing samurai, ninjas were assasinating ninjas, emperor‘s bloodthirsty soldiers were killing and raping rebels, pheasants or anyones else, who were on their way. It was a perfect time for a hero to arise, so the great legends could be born and kept for ages.*

    * Original story and design by Teaseage Clothing. Come back for the second part of the story soon

Monday, November 28, 2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rabbit in the shrooms... Part II

So the Rabbit chose the biggest mushroom to spend his comfortable resting time on. He jumped quickly on the top of the shroom and made himself home sweet home. The Rabbit was tired after a long trip, so he felt asleep, while starring at curved shadows of the shrooms commune surounding him. When rabbits are sleeping, you may see some strange little hapennings around him in the dark. It seems to me, that rabbit is in a dream, but the dream is not in his body. It floats in the air around the rabbit, showing to accidental passer-by some colourful images in the shape of a cloud. Take a look at this cloud of rabbit‘s dreams, what do you see? Then you wake up, the Rabbit is long gone, scared of the sunrise, but you keep one little image of rabbit‘s dream in your pocket. It‘s the best ticket to another great story told by the Rabbit in the shrooms.

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