Monday, March 26, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Legend of the Spider Skull... Part I

The Legend of the Spider Skull... Part I

Long time ago, in early dark ages, when human kind was enslaved by stronger predator species – gigantic spiders, the legend of the Spider Skull arose. The artifact of the Spider Skull was the ultimate weapon against bloodthirsty spider race and the only hope for the humanity to arise once more. The legend told, that once the humans were a superior race, and spiders were just small bugs doing no harm to people. But once, a great magician, researching some magical or alchemical universes, made a mistake in his calculations, and three really tiny spiders, that the magician was experimenting with, started to grow really fast. In a matter of minutes they became bigger than a standing man. The great magician went mad, when he saw what have he done. Although, his act of magic was undoable, the magician decided to give all his power away before his death, to create the artifact of the Spider Skull, where the skull was his own.
The artifact could instantly kill surrounding spiders with an enormous power of two blue lights, spreading from the eyeholes. It looked like the old mighty wizard is killing the spiders he has created with his own eyesight. According to the manuscript of the legend, only those three prime spiders, that started the spider race dominance over the humans, can survive destructive force of the Spider Skull. So the artifact was hidden away  from the humans, and guarded by same three giant spiders.* 

 * Original story and design by Teaseage Clothing. Come back for the second part of the story soon