Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Escape from Japan... Part I

The country has fell in chaos and bloodshed. Emperor‘s army, scattered in smaller waves, was the ruller of this anarchy in Japan. It was too dangerous to step outside one‘s house, talk too loud on the streets nor speak to any strangers, passing by. Life in Japan was like a small toy in the iron hand of War. If you were not a soldier, capable of defending yourself, there was a higher chance you will be dead sooner or later. Samurai was killing samurai, ninjas were assasinating ninjas, emperor‘s bloodthirsty soldiers were killing and raping rebels, pheasants or anyones else, who were on their way. It was a perfect time for a hero to arise, so the great legends could be born and kept for ages.*

    * Original story and design by Teaseage Clothing. Come back for the second part of the story soon

Monday, November 28, 2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rabbit in the shrooms... Part II

So the Rabbit chose the biggest mushroom to spend his comfortable resting time on. He jumped quickly on the top of the shroom and made himself home sweet home. The Rabbit was tired after a long trip, so he felt asleep, while starring at curved shadows of the shrooms commune surounding him. When rabbits are sleeping, you may see some strange little hapennings around him in the dark. It seems to me, that rabbit is in a dream, but the dream is not in his body. It floats in the air around the rabbit, showing to accidental passer-by some colourful images in the shape of a cloud. Take a look at this cloud of rabbit‘s dreams, what do you see? Then you wake up, the Rabbit is long gone, scared of the sunrise, but you keep one little image of rabbit‘s dream in your pocket. It‘s the best ticket to another great story told by the Rabbit in the shrooms.

 You may find this magical Rabbit in the Shrooms here.

Rabbit in the shrooms... Part I

Here comes the Rabbit, the one, who likes to appear in your dreams from time to time. Yes, he has a white and soft shining fur, and look at his huge blue eyes, reflecting his own whiteness. The rabbit looks weird though, probably it‘s because he never speaks to you. I would ask him some questions again and again, but he never seems to focus on one thing, if you know what I mean. No, rabbits do not speak english, my dear, but this one speaks rabbitsh, - it‘s a language of white rabbits, living in the wild. The Rabbit travels through the night, slowly, but carefully. Soon he approaches a little cozy commune of forest mushrooms and decides to take some rest.*

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...Shaman of the moon... Part II

...Shaman of the moon... Part II

So shaman drank the stars, and slowly stroke the Time, passing by, and he could never grow old. Instead, he would become only younger. His past life was long lost, and so his conscious mind. Driven to insanity, the shaman accepted a wild call of the moon  and forever vanished in the darkened woods. Sometimes you can meet this long forgotten shaman, almost dissolved in the air he stands among the trees. Only in the nightime. Only in the darkest woods. Only on the fullmoon, when his power is strongest...*

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* Original story and design by Teaseage Clothing. This is the second and the last part of the story "Shaman of the moon".

Monday, October 17, 2011

...Shaman of the moon... Part I

...Shaman of the moon... Part I 

Once upon a time... Ancient shaman lived, in darkened, spooky woods. Old as the hills, all by himself. He did not know the meaning of his existance here in this world, -  his dreams were heavier than himself. The only object, that never left shaman through all these ages, was the moon. Even greatest woods grew old and dissapeared in ashes, but not the moon, the king of the allmighty sky. Shaman opens his eyes for the first time in a few years. The moon was calling his name again: Rise, my human brother, rise, climb those trees, reach out for the sky, filled with white magic. Drink the stars, slowly stroke the body of Time, passing by.*

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Every Story has a beginning... Part II

So, this is the story of Teaseage, a dream of a madman, who seeks to fulfill his madness, because it is the only way for him to exist in harmony with the world. And as one old saying says, „the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up“. So, wake up, little child of well hidden dreams! Be brave, tear apart the grey blankness, it is worth nothing now. You can show the different images, you have collected in your little head. Sometimes strange, sometimes crazy, they would appear on your TV screen, when you are not watching.
It is time for you to swing that bell of yours, little one, because the story of Teaseage has begun!
Swing it, swing it loud, because people will have to hear you out! 

Every Story has a beginning... Part I

It is time to wake up. A small and shining wisp of imagination has been spit into the fields of human perception. Now it is time to grow a tree in your head. It can save your world one day, you know? Grow the branches in many different colors, so the world around you would never be bored. Entertain your tree with handpicked birdsongs, so the fruits of the tree would be more than sweet. How splendid is the idea, that there is a universe in every seed, so, how far can you go with your tree of creation? There is only one way to find out – let your imagination crawl in the beginning, and it will fly in the end...