Monday, November 28, 2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rabbit in the shrooms... Part II

So the Rabbit chose the biggest mushroom to spend his comfortable resting time on. He jumped quickly on the top of the shroom and made himself home sweet home. The Rabbit was tired after a long trip, so he felt asleep, while starring at curved shadows of the shrooms commune surounding him. When rabbits are sleeping, you may see some strange little hapennings around him in the dark. It seems to me, that rabbit is in a dream, but the dream is not in his body. It floats in the air around the rabbit, showing to accidental passer-by some colourful images in the shape of a cloud. Take a look at this cloud of rabbit‘s dreams, what do you see? Then you wake up, the Rabbit is long gone, scared of the sunrise, but you keep one little image of rabbit‘s dream in your pocket. It‘s the best ticket to another great story told by the Rabbit in the shrooms.

 You may find this magical Rabbit in the Shrooms here.

Rabbit in the shrooms... Part I

Here comes the Rabbit, the one, who likes to appear in your dreams from time to time. Yes, he has a white and soft shining fur, and look at his huge blue eyes, reflecting his own whiteness. The rabbit looks weird though, probably it‘s because he never speaks to you. I would ask him some questions again and again, but he never seems to focus on one thing, if you know what I mean. No, rabbits do not speak english, my dear, but this one speaks rabbitsh, - it‘s a language of white rabbits, living in the wild. The Rabbit travels through the night, slowly, but carefully. Soon he approaches a little cozy commune of forest mushrooms and decides to take some rest.*