Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Escape from Japan... Part II

Then, the rumours of a brave ninja girl, riding the horse, made of shining metal and gold, had spread across the villages. The ninja girl appeared from nowhere when she was most needed. She saved hundreds of innocent civilian lifes, killing brutal Emperor‘s soldiers, when the opposition was least expected. One day the news have reached the higher ranks of Emperor‘s army – the generous bounty was announced for the capture of this insolent ninja. Suddenly, the ninja had vanished. The glorious time of the heroine had ended... Some villagers reported they had seen the ninja riding her horse high above the land. Others were telling they have spotted the heroine leaving the country, riding just above the waters of the ocean, towards China. No one knew will she ever come back, but the hope was not lost among the ones who suffer, and the legend survived till nowadays.   

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