Monday, October 17, 2011

...Shaman of the moon... Part I

...Shaman of the moon... Part I 

Once upon a time... Ancient shaman lived, in darkened, spooky woods. Old as the hills, all by himself. He did not know the meaning of his existance here in this world, -  his dreams were heavier than himself. The only object, that never left shaman through all these ages, was the moon. Even greatest woods grew old and dissapeared in ashes, but not the moon, the king of the allmighty sky. Shaman opens his eyes for the first time in a few years. The moon was calling his name again: Rise, my human brother, rise, climb those trees, reach out for the sky, filled with white magic. Drink the stars, slowly stroke the body of Time, passing by.*

* Original story and design by Teaseage Clothing. Come back for the second part of the story soon.

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